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Best Dog Blog Posts Of March 2011

April 4th, 2011 01:45:58 am

best dog blog posts

What a month it’s been!  There’s been a lot of intriguing dog news lately.  Here are our picks for the best dog blog posts of the month:

Dog health
Warning to West Coast dog owners:  Say no to potassium iodide!
Since the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear accident in Japan, many people have been buying potassium iodide as protection against nuclear leaks.  But be careful – it doesn’t have the same results for dogs.

Choosing the best food for your dog
Wondered how different dog foods compare and how to pick the right one for your dog?  This article explains some of the misleading labeling and recommends a few sites for dog food reviews and information.

Life with dogs

What you must know when booking a room with dogs
Not all pet-friendly hotels make your dog feel at home.  Here are questions to ask so you know that the hotel you’re visiting will not just accept your big dog but provide a great experience for both you and Spike.

Peace Corps warns about bogus pet adoption scams
Internet scam artists are preying on animal lovers too.  There’s a scam out promoting adoptions from foreign countries asking for money.  Get the true story here.

Special dog stories
Guide dog loses sight, gets a guide dog
A blind man had a loyal guide dog that he relied on for years.  When she too lost her eyesight, another dog stepped in to take care of both of them.  Beautiful story.

Bomb-sniffing dog dies of broken heart
They say the bond between a working dog and his handler is stronger than most of us can imagine.  This lovely, heartbreaking story of a soldier and his dog working in Afghanistan shows just how deep that love runs.


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