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No Jump Harness For Dogs

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No Jump Harness For Dogs

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Have your efforts to stop your dog's jumping gone without improvement? This No Jump Harness For Dogs gently and effectively teaches your dog  jumping is not allowed.


With this harness on, your dog will be able to comfortably sit, stand, and walk -- but not jump. If he tries, the harness's no-jump design will prevent your dog from getting the stretch in his back legs required to jump. Your dog will learn that jumping will not get him what he wants and stop trying.


The harness is made of lightweight, durable nylon straps to be comfortable for your dog to wear. Adjustable buckles ensure a perfect fit for your dog and can be customized to fit dogs from 10 - 80 pounds.


Perfect for dogs who:

   •  Jump on people

   •  Take food and other items from counters and tables

   •  Try to escape the yard


If you're at your wit's end, there is hope. Use a No Jump Harness For Dogs to train your dog. Order yours today.

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