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Dog Leash Coupler for 2 Dogs

Dog Leash Coupler for 2 Dogs

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No more tangled leashes!


If you walk 2 big dogs at once, this high-quality dog leash coupler will make your life easier.  It puts 2 dogs on 1 extra-comfortable handle, so you won't get leashes tangled anymore.  


These dog leash couplers were designed specifically for large dogs.  Their extra durable outsides hide a shock-abosrbing core, making the leash more comfortable for both you and your dogs.  




   •  Extra strong:  Holds 2 dogs up to 400 lbs. total weight
   •  Comfortable handle:  Soft neoprene is gentler on your hands than other leashes
   •  Long-lasting:  Made of weather-resistant and water-resistant materials, with strong hardware, so you don't have to replace it every year 
   •  Walking length:  At 36 inches long, it gives your dogs enough room to be comfortable but not so much that they are far from you and you lose control.
Available in 3 colors:  Red, Black, Blue. 
Order yours today to get relief from tangled leashes.

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