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Making life with your big dog easier and more fun. That is our mission.


Have you had trouble finding big dog supplies? So did we!  In order to serve you better, we develop relationships throughout the nation - often with smaller, regional, or hard-to-find businesses who do have cool, useful, or fun items for big dogs and their owners. We don't carry everything we find - we're picky.  We're big dog lovers too.


As you browse the site, you will find fun toys, cool dog clothes, and other useful stuff your big dog and you will enjoy Our mission starts with our 100 day guarantee, because your dog's satisfaction comes first. Try stuff out for 100 days; if you don't like it - send it back. Keep in mind we often donate these items to big dog rescues & shelters, so we maintain a standard on returns.


If you have suggestions, if you hear of a product you'd like added, or if you have an idea for an article you'd like to see written, feel free to shoot us a message here - contact us.  We'd love to hear from you.



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April 2013 - is mentioned in Pet Age Magazine's article "Going Green". It features pet businesses that are making a difference for their customers and the planet by employing green priniciples into their business.
Paw Posse on Yahoo Shine September 2012 - is featured on Yahoo! Shine in a series called "The Things We Do For Love." It features pet owners who go to extreme lengths for their pets. In this case, it's how a pound puppy led to this website.
Paw Posse on Pets Weekly June 2012 - is featured in the article "8 Secrets To Eliminate Pulling On A Leash" on, the leading online Pet Magazine. The article highlights the benefits of the No Pull Dog Harness. on ABC 15 August 2011 -'s Thunder Jacket For Dogs appears on ABC's "Smart Family" as a way to relieve dogs' anxiety during thunderstorms. Here's how they described the snug pressure of the jacket: "Like a hug!...We all feel better when we have a hug, right?" Absolutely.
Seen in Fido Friendly Magazine May 2011 - is cited in Fido Friendly Magazine articles "Fact Or Fiction" and "Big Dogs & The People Who Love Them." We are certainly in that group! Always happy to share our love for big dogs and show how they make great companions.

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