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Dog Muzzles For Chewing

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Dog Muzzles For Chewing

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Your dog has been chewing everything in sight, and you're tired of it. You can't watch him every moment, but he keeps getting into things. You don't want to use a traditional muzzle that keeps him from being able to drink or even yawn, but you don't want any more of your stuff destroyed.


Dog Muzzles For Chewing will solve your problem. These muzzles allow your dog the freedom to pant, yawn, and drink water, but he can't get his teeth on anything he's not supposed to chew. This muzzle is more humane than cheap nylon ones that simply hold your dog's mouth shut.


The muzzle is comfortable but also very secure. It has three straps - one behind the head, one under the chin attaching to the collar, and a third above the head - so that the muzzle will stay right where it is. No surprise escapes from this muzzle. It's still comfortable with neoprene padding that keeps the muzzle gentle yet snug.


Dog Muzzles For Chewing solve the problem so you don't have to choose between keeping your dog comfortable and having to replace more of your belongings. 


Order yours today - choose from 6 sizes, listed by breed.



‡ = not recommended.

Afghan Hound 5

Airedale 5

Alaskan Malamute 5

American Cocker 2

American Staffordshire 4

Australian Cattle Dog 3

Australian Shepherd 3

Basenji 2

Basset Hound 5

Beagle 3

Bearded Collie 3

Bedlington Terrier 2

Belgian Shepherd 5

Bernese MD 5

Bichon Frisé 1

Border Collie 3

Border Terrier 2

Borzoi 5

Boston Terrier ‡

Bouvier 6

Boxer 6

Briard 5

Brittany Spaniel 5

Buhund 2

Bulldog ‡

Bull Mastiff 6

Bull Terrier 5

Cairn Terrier 2

Cavalier Spaniel 2

Chow Chow 5

Chesapeake Bay Retriever 5

Cocker (English) 3

Corgi 3

Dachshund Miniature 1

Dachshund Standard 1

Dalmatian 4

Dobermann 5

Elkhound 4

English Setter 5

Flat Coated Retriever 5

Foxhound 5

Fox Terrier 2

German Shepherd 5

Golden Retriever 5

Gordon Setter 5

Great Dane 6

Greyhound 5

Hungarian Vizsla 3

Irish Setter 5

Irish Water Spaniel 3

Irish Wolfhound 6

Jack Russell 2

Japanese Akita 6

Keeshond 3

Kerry Blue Terrier 4

King Charles Spaniel ‡

Labrador Retriever 5

Lakeland Terrier 2

Lhasa Apso ‡

Lurcher 5

Maltese Terrier 1

Maremma Sheepdog 5

Mastiff 6

Munsterlander 5

Newfoundland 6

Norfolk/Norwich Terrier 1

Old English Sheepdog 5

Papillon N/A

Pekingese ‡

Pharaoh Hound 5

Pit Bull 4

Pointers 4

Poodle Toy 1

Poodle Standard 3

Pug ‡

Pyrenean MD 6

Ridgeback 5

Rottweiler 6

Rough Collie 3

St Bernard ‡

Saluki 3

Samoyed 4

Schnauzer Miniature 2

Schnauzer 3

Schnauzer Giant 6

Scottish Terrier 3

Sheltie 2

Shiba Inu 2

Shih Tzu ‡

Siberian Husky 5

Soft Coated Wheaten 4

Springer Spaniel 4

Staff Bull Terrier 6

Weimaraner 5

Welsh Terrier 3

West Highland White 2

Whippet 2

Yorkshire Terrier 1

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