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Dog Puzzles For Dogs

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Dog Puzzles For Dogs

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Smart dogs want smart toys.  Banish boredom with dog puzzles for dogs.  


Your dog needs mental stimulation just as much as he needs physical stimulation.  Bored dogs sometimes get mischievous.  Engage his brain with this puzzle. He'll have to figure out 2 things: where the goodies are and how to get them out. As he figures it out, the dog puzzle dispenses treats. It draws on his instinctual urge to search for food.


Here are some fun ways to use the toy:

   •  Hide a treat in each compartment to make your dog work for his reward.

   •  Put treats in a few of the compartments so your dog must use his nose to find the treat.  It's like a doggie treasure hunt.

   •  Measure out your dog's meal then divide it into the compartments to slow down a fast eater.  (Holds 2 cups of food)


Give your dog a fun challenge - order one today.

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