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Auto Dog Feeder & Water Combo

Auto Dog Feeder & Water Combo

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Get all the benefits of an automatic dog feeder and automatic dog water in one easy combo package, and save money in the process. Ordering this combo now saves you over 10% if you were to order them separately.


   •  Provides a steady supply of food and water

   •  Made of durable BPA-free plastic

   •  Pours into removable stainless steel bowls for easy cleaning - they're dishwasher safe

   •  Top-loading reservoirs make it easy to refill

   •  Made in the USA

   •  Good for indoor or outdoor use 

   •  Easy to clean and use


The Small Combo includes a 2-lb. feeder and 1/2 gallon waterer. The Medium Combo includes a 4-lb. feeder and 1 gallon waterer. The Large Combo includes a 4-lb. feeder and 2.5 gallon waterer.


This is great if you have multiple dogs, work long hours, or to make it easier on your dog-sitting friend when you go out of town. Order your combo today.

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