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Best Dog Frisbee

Best Dog Frisbee

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If you're looking for the best dog frisbee for safety, durability, and fun, you've found it.


Hard plastic frisbees are designed for human hands, not dogs' mouths. Winner of the Dog Fancy Magazine Editors' Choice award for quality and innovation, this frisbee by Orka is designed with your dog in mind. Its non-toxic synthetic rubber is designed for both durability and safety. It will not crack, scratch, or splinter in your dog's mouth.


Other features of this top-notch design include:


   •  Soft enough to be gentle on your dog's mouth; strong enough to hold up to his teeth

   •  Thick rim holds the frisbee's shape as it flies

   •  The rubber's flexibility adjusts to the shape of your dog's mouth as he catches it

   •  Floats in water so it will not sink and get lost

   •  Bright color for visibility


Give your dog the best dog frisbee there is. Order yours today.

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