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Bison And Elk Leather Dog Collars

Bison And Elk Leather Dog Collars

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These bridle-style bison and elk leather collars are a work of art.


Craftsmen start with bison leather and cure it with Old World tanning techniques to create a supple, durable leather. The deep walnut color accentuates the texture of the expertly-tanned bison leather. It is then matched with soft-tanned elk leather for a soft, comfortable lining. Its bright gold makes the walnut outer leather look even richer.


Any dog wearing this collar will look positively regal.


Choose from 7 sizes:


Collar Length Collar Width
12" 5/8"
14" 3/4"
16" 3/4"
18" 1"
20" 1"
22" 1"
24" 1"


This artistically-styled bison and elk leather collar will look good on a dog of any color. Order one for your dog today.

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