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Cooling Beds For Dogs

Cooling Beds For Dogs

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Feel bad for your dog panting in the heat all summer long? Offer him relief with Cooling Beds For Dogs. 


These beds work differently than other cooling dog mats, which require you to soak the mat and deal with wet dog smell. Instead, this mat uses water internally to provide cooling. Open the easy-fill cap, add water, and adjust the firmness of the bed with an air valve. The bed's design filters the water throughout the bed's core, which cools down and cools your dog without making him damp. This makes it a very cool, comfortable bed for your dog.


No electricity required, no wet dog, and a plenty of cooling for your pup. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use.


Available in 3 sizes: 


Size Measurement
Small 17 x 24 inches
Medium 22 x 32 inches
Large 32 x 44 inches


Give your dog a cool spot to beat the heat with one of these Cooling Beds For Dogs. Order yours today.

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