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Cooling Dog Bandana

Cooling Dog Bandana

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Give your dog a treat...protect him from the heat.

The Cooling Dog Bandana is contains non-toxic cooling crystals at neckline that are completely safe for dogs. Soak in cool water for 15 minutes and tie on your big dog to keep his neck and coat cool all day.  It's reusable for long-lasting cooling.

Keeps your dog cool all day.  No dog has complained yet!


Did you know a dog's body can only operate well between 100 and 102.5 degrees F?  That's a limited range.  Did you also know that a dog can only release heat by panting and by sweating through the pads of their paws?  This means that if a dog is overheated it can't cool down as easily as you and I can, by sweating through any part of our skin.  They can get overheated much more quickly.  This cooling bandana for dogs prevents that by helping a dog stay within its healthiest temperature range. Even if you spend all day at the lake!


The cooling bandana cools your dog from pulse points and blood vessels close to the skin, so it is cooling them from the outside-in. Keep your dog safe this summer.


Choose from the following 3 sizes: 


Size Neck Measurement
Small 8 - 14 inches
Medium 14 - 19 inches
Large 19 - 26 inches


Keep your dog safe in the heat. Order a cooling dog bandana today.

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