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Crunchy Chew Toy

Crunchy Chew Toy

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Does your big dog like a good crunch in his dog toys? This no-stuffing Skinneeez fulfills that need by making room for you to put an empty water bottle inside. Gives your dog a nice crunch and crackling sound while he chews on this no-stuffing, no-mess toy. This dog toy is sure to entertain for hours.


The Velcro opening allows you to replace the water bottle as needed. And there's plenty of the Skinneeez to fling and toss around.  


Crunchy chew toy is available in 3 styles:  gray wolf, brown coyote or spotted jackal. Or buy the 3-pack at a discounted price - perfect if your pack includes several large dogs and they don't want to share a great toy. Each one is 6 inches wide by 22 inches long.  


"Buddy loves his new toy, and currently we are in need of a fresh water bottle as he has completely destroyed the one inside his Jackal.  Just wanted to drop a line and say 'thanks.'"  - Joanna, Scottsdale  (Glad to hear he likes it!)

Don't let your dog miss out on the fun of this crunchy chew toy. Order yours today.

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