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Cujo Cot

Cujo Cot

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The Cujo Cot now comes pre-assembled. Simply screw on the legs and your dog has a shiny new indestructible bed.


This dog bed is a last resort for owners of "persistent chewers". If your dog chews through wood, brick, and its own beds, then the Cujo Cot is for your dog. Excessive chewing behavior can be frustrating and expensive for pet owners, and we responded with the toughest possible dog bed.


Aluminum framed edges keep puppy chops from piercing the already strong Ballistic Material. The fabric also resists scratching, hair, and moisture making the bed easy to clean. Simply hit it with a water hose to wash away dirt and grime.


The raised bed improves air circulation, making the Cujo Cot a great outdoor and summer bed. It will also help keep your dog dry in case of moisture on the ground.


Comfort is sacrificed for durability with this bed, but it is bullet-proof. If you've reached the end of the line and don't know what else to do, this bed can help. Please note that the dimensions below include the outside edges of the corner brackets. Also, shipping to HI, AK, or PR is unavailable at this time.


Small 20" x 30" x 6"
Medium 23" x 35" x 6"
Large 25" x 40" x 6"
X-Large 27" x 44" x 6"
XX-Large 35" x 50" x 6"

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