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DNA Tests For Dogs

DNA Tests For Dogs

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When people ask what kind of dog you have, do you shrug your shoulders and think, "I wish I knew"? With a DNA Test For Dogs you will know.


With this test, your dog's DNA is compared to over 200 breeds, giving you a complete picture of your dog's unique make-up.


Wondering where his shaggy coat comes from? The natural friendliness with kids? What diseases he's at risk for? Physical and behavioral traits are both explained by heritage.


Knowing your dog's breed ancestry will give you the answers you've been seeking. This test reveals if a breed represents 50% of your dog's heritage (from a parent), 25% (from a grandparent), or 12.5% (from a great-grandparent) - that's how far back this test analyzes your dog's ancestry. 


How does this dog DNA test work? It's easy:


  1)  Use the cheek swab included in your kit to take a sample of your dog's DNA - no vet visit or blood draw needed.

  2)  Send in the sample in the enclosed postage-paid envelope.

  3)  You'll receive your personalized report in 2-3 weeks.


So pinpoint what makes your dog unique, and finally answer the question "What breed is my dog?"

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