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Dog Ball Launcher Toy

Dog Ball Launcher Toy

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Does your dog love to play fetch? This Dog Ball Launcher Toy takes fetch to a new level.


You know the plastic ball launchers you see at the dog park? This one is a cut above those other launchers. Made of bamboo, it offers strength and flexibility other materials don't offer. This means it will throw with more oomph for longer. The ergonomic handle is made of recycled cork for comfort, no matter how long your dog has you throwing the ball. 


Even the included ball is better. Most launchers come with a tennis ball, which strong chewers can easily reduce into pieces of rubber and felt. This launcher includes a tough ball designed to stand up to tough chewers. It's made of recycled, non-toxic materials approved by the FDA. It's chewy, it floats, it bounces. It's perfect at home, at the dog park, at the lake. 


If you have a strong chewer who loves to fetch, the Dog Ball Launcher Toy was made for you. Don't wait, order yours today. 

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