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Car Dog Barriers

Car Dog Barriers

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It's a danger to everyone in the car - driver, passengers, and dogs - to have a dog roaming around the vehicle.  Keeping passengers and your dog separate will reduce distractions. This dog barrier keep your dog safely restricted to the back seat of your car or SUV.


Our auto dog barriers create a strong wall that separates the front and back seats of your vehicle.  Although it does come up fairly high, the barrier is designed to maintain your visibility. Also the dog car barrier has a second partition so if you want you can divide the back seat into two spaces.  This keeps your dog out of the front seat and makes room for a passenger in the back seat. 


When you get one of these dog barriers for cars, you get:

   •  Reassurance that your dog won't be thrown into the front seat if you have to slam on your brakes
   •  The ability to limit your dog's movement, keeping him safe and protecting cargo and other passengers
   •  Front seats free of dog hair
   •  Easy installation and removal
   •  Strong but non-bulky barrier so you can leave it in and still have plenty of room for passenger comfort
   •  Satisfaction of universal fit for most sedans and SUVs

Made of high-quality nylon and ultrasuede.  Black and tan for neutral match to your vehicle's interior.


Order now to receive the benefits of the best car barrier on the market.


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