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Dog Bowls For Fast Eaters

Dog Bowls For Fast Eaters

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Do you worry about your dog eating too fast? Slow your pup down with Dog Bowls For Fast Eaters.


Eating too fast is a dangerous habit for dogs. Among the risks:


   •  Choking

   •  Bloat

   •  Poor digestion


Choking happens when dogs swallow food whole. Bloat, as you probably know, is a potentially-fatal condition connected to ingesting too much air while eating. When dogs don't chew their food, it results in poor digestion. That reduces the nutritional value received from food. 


To slow down speed eaters, this bowl is designed to make your dog work harder for every bite. With its special shape, your dog has to take more time to get a mouthful of kibble around the contours. This means that your dog has to slow down for every bite. Problem solved!


In addition to slowing down your dog, this bowl makes life easy on you. Its heavy duty plastic is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. The rubber base keeps the bowl from skidding all over the floor, keeping your dog in one place while he eats his dinner one bite at a time. 


Dog Bowls For Fast Eaters are available in 3 sizes:


Size Capacity
Medium 3 3/4 cups
Large 5 5/16 cups
Jumbo 10 3/8 cups


This smartly-designed dog bowl is a great value and keeps your dog from causing himself harm.  Order yours today.

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