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Dog Brush For Shedding

Dog Brush For Shedding

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Does your dog have a thick undercoat? Shed every spring and fall? You're not alone. This dog brush for shedding will help.

Many dogs have 2 coats: the topcoat, which we pet, and the undercoat, which is typically not reached by traditional brushes and combs. The undercoat changes seasonally, giving your dog a thick winter coat that sheds in the spring and a thinner summer coat that sheds in the fall.

The Dog Brush For Shedding gets to that undercoat and pulls the loose hair out of the coat before it winds up all over your carpet, clothes, and couches.  Easy and quick to use. Also great for thick and coarse coats. 


Available in 3 sizes:


Brush Size Brush Width Good For Breeds Like
Small 2 1/2 inches Shiba Inus, small terriers, Pomeranians
Medium 3 1/2 inches Collies, Australian Shepherds, Shelties
Large 4 inches German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers

High quality and durable like big-name competitors at a lower price.  Order yours today.

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