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Dog Dock Shoes

Dog Dock Shoes

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Protect your dog's paws from hot docks with Dog Dock Shoes.


These shoes made by Ultra Paws are perfect protection. The rubber sole keeps your dog's paws protected from hot docks. The breathable upper lets air flow through to keep your dog's paws cool at the same time. They are water resistant to be fine both on the dock and in puddles. Finally, they keep your boat and interior safe from your dog's nails.


The boots are smartly designed by Ultra Paws to go on easily and stay put. The split seam sides allow your dog's paw to slide in easily, while two Velcro straps hold them securely in place. This patented dog boot is the best designed we have found on the market. (U.S. Patent 7,971,557. Canadian Patent 2,486,628.)


Sold in sets of 4. Choose from Red/Black or All Black. 5 sizes available:


X-Small 1 3/4"
Small 2 1/4"
Medium 2 3/4"
Large 3 1/4"
X-Large 4"


For best fit, measure your dog's paw and add 1/4 inch.


Keep your dog's paws protected on the dock and on your boat. Order your Dog Dock Shoes today.

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