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Dog First Aid Kits

Dog First Aid Kits

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If your dog had a medical emergency, would you be prepared to handle it?

Dog first aid kits are a must-have for any dog owner. If anything happens to your dog, immediate treatment will help your dog's recovery even before you get to the vet.
These kits are no joke - they are chock-full of the tools you'll need to take care of your dog. Not sure what to do? No problem - laminated cards provide instruction on using the tools included to provide doggie first aid.
Whether you are providing basic first aid or stabilizing an injury before you get to the vet, this kit has what you need. (Items may vary slightly and will always provide you what you need to handle an emergency.)
Each kit includes:
-Cleaning supplies
   •  (1) 4 oz. eye and skin wash (flush dirt and debris from wounds to prevent infection)
   •  (1) 4" x 4 yard stretch gauze (used for wrapping wounds)
   •  (1) 2 oz. PVP iodine (sterilizes wounds)
   •  (2) 1 gr. first aid cream (protects and treats wounds)
   •  (2) antiseptic wipes (cleans wounds, or cleans hands before treating wounds)
   •  (2) green soap towelette (cleans wounds, or cleans hands before treating wounds)
   •  (1) hand wipe (sanitizes hands)
   •  (2) 5" x 9" trauma pads (used for compression to stop bleeding)
   •  (2) 3" x 3" sterile pads (for bandaging)
   •  (2) 2" x 2" sterile pads (for bandaging)
   •  (1) 4" x 5 yard cohesive stretch bandage (sticks to itself for easy wrapping)
  •  (1) pair scissors (cut gauze and sterile pads to perfect fit) 
-Injury treatment
   •  (1) 1/2 fl. oz. powdered styptic (stops bleeding from the nerve within dog nails)
   •  (2) .9 gr hydrocortisone cream (relieves rashes and itching)
   •  (2) insect sting swabs (provides relief from stings)
   •  (1) care card with CPR instructions (walks you through vital steps in an emergency)
   •  (1) pet emergency card (keeps record of important info like emergency vet's phone number)
-Other necessities 
   •  (3) cotton swabs (applies ointments and creams without using your hands)
   •  (1) 4" plastic forceps (removes splinters, thorns, and ticks)
   •  (1) pair latex gloves (keeps hands from spreading germs to wound)
   •  (1) waterproof case (keeps contents dry and sterile to prevent infection)
Don't wait until an emergency happens to figure out what you need. Be prepared with these dog first aid kits. Order yours today.

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