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No Pull Dog Harness

No Pull Dog Harness

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The No Pull Dog Harness uses dog psychology to train your dog to walk calmly on a leash.


Here's how it works: The leash clips onto the front of the harness, which has a loop that tightens and loosens based on tension. When your dog pulls, you simply pull gently on the leash - the loop will tighten and pull the harness forward. Dogs have a reflex to pull the opposite direction of tension. When the harness pulls forward, your dog will move backward - no more pulling!


This harness works on all dog breeds. Other no-pull products go over the head, which don't work on short-nosed dogs like Bulldogs, Mastiffs, or Newfoundlands. This harness works on any breed and almost any age. You may use it with puppies as young as 8 weeks old to develop good habits early. Further, it does not pull on the throat, eliminating the possibility of your dog injuring his throat by pulling on a collar.


This set includes a harness and a 6-foot leash. Both are reflective for extra visibility and safety after dark.


Choose from 4 sizes: 


Size Fits Girth Range Strap Width Fits Breeds Like
Small 14 - 18 inches 1/2 inch Large Breed Puppies, Jack Russell Terriers, Shelties
Medium 19 - 25 inches 3/4 inch Border Collies, Spaniels
Large 25 - 35 inches 1 inch Labradors, German Shepherds
X-Large 34 - 46 inches 1 inch Mastiffs, Rottweilers


Dogs vary in size, even within a breed, so make sure to check girth to choose a size. To determine your dog's girth, measure all the way around his torso just behind the front legs, right where the harness will go around his body.


Start enjoying your walks once more. Order yours today and experience the benefits of the dog harness no-pull design.

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