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Winter Dog Jacket

Winter Dog Jacket

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Not all dogs were built for the cold. If your dog has short hair, and especially if you notice your dog shivering when it's out in the cold, then dog jackets for winter use are the item for your dog.


Dogs' blood vessels are close to the skin, so wet hair in the winter quickly chills your dog. The coat's water-repellant outer layer helps your dog stay dry and warm. The inner layer is comfy fleece which provides an extra layer of warmth. For added safety the coat has reflective strips so oncoming headlights can easily spot your dog.


This is the easiest coat to get on and off your dog. The neck is adjustable for ease going on and off. Then simply adjust the Velcro straps for best fit. Two easy steps and your dog has custom fit winter protection.


Available in 8 sizes:


Size Neck Back Girth Fits Breeds Like*


(8-15 lbs.)

10 - 13" 12" 18 - 20"

Papillon, Shih Tzu,

Mini Poodle


(15-20 lbs.)

12 - 15" 14" 19 - 22"

Jack Russell Terrier,

Maltese, Bichon Frise


(20-25 lbs.)

13 - 16" 16" 21 - 25"

Boston Terrier, Pug,

Mini Schnauzer 


(25-35 lbs.)

14 - 18" 18" 24 - 27"

Beagle, Corgi,

Cocker Spaniel


(35-50 lbs.)

17 - 22" 20" 26 - 30"

Akita, Border Collie,



(50-70 lbs.)

21 - 26" 22" 28 - 33"

Golden & Labrador

Retrievers, Boxer


(70-90 lbs.)

24 - 28" 24" 31 - 36"

Bloodhound, Saluki,



(90-110 lbs.)

27 - 31" 26" 35 - 40" Mastiff, St. Bernard


*Sizes vary even among breeds, so make sure to get the right measurement for your dog:


   •  Neck: All the way around the neck where the collar sits
   •  Back: From the back of the neck to the base of the tail
   •  Girth: All the way around the dog's torso at the widest part.
If your dog is between sizes, order the next size up to get the best fit.
We are proud to carry this dog jacket by Ultra Paws. To help your dogs stay warm, order your dog's winter jacket today.

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