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Dog Life Preservers

Dog Life Preservers

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If you take your dog boating and it falls overboard, it can doggie-paddle. But short of jumping in yourself, how do you get the dog back in the boat?  A dog life preserver with handles on it, that's how.


If your dog falls overboard and is unable to swim, he will still be safe with this preserver on. The preserver is buoyant to keep your dog afloat even if he gets tired in the water. The adjustable design keeps the life preserver in place and prevents your dog from getting out of it on his own, ensuring he stays protected. Mesh on the underside provides extra comfort for your dog and support to keep the harness in place.


Quick-release buckles and heavy-duty Velcro make it easy for you to get the preserver on and off your dog while keeping it securely in place. On top of all that, the bright color and reflective strips make your dog visible to anyone passing by, keeping him safe from unaware boaters or jet skiers.


Available in 6 sizes:




Neck Girth* Weight**


6 1/2 inches

7 - 9 inches

11 - 16 inches

0 - 6 pounds


8 1/2 inches

8 - 12 inches

15 - 19 inches

7 - 15 pounds


11 inches

12 - 20 inches

17 - 22 inches

15 - 20 pounds


14 inches

20 - 25 inches

20 - 25 inches

20 - 50 pounds


16 inches

24 - 30 inches

21 - 30 inches

50 - 90 pounds


20 inches

29 - 34 inches

36 - 44 inches

90 pounds and up


*To determine your dog's girth, measure all the way around his torso just behind his front legs. 

**Weight is listed as a guideline. Because dogs of various breeds and mixes are built differently, the best way to determine what size your dog needs is to check his length, neck, and girth measurements.


Keep your dog safe when he's enjoying the water. Order your dog life preserver today.

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