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Dog Nail Grinder

Dog Nail Grinder

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Quickly, gently trim dog nails.


This dog nail grinder by Oster files down dog nails to gently trim them short.  If you have a hard time trimming your dog's nails without hitting the quick (the nerve in the nail) this file can help you trim the nail shorter without going too far.


The safety guard holds the nail in place for safe, precise trimming.  The trimmer comes with 2 strong sanding bands, fine and medium, that can be used alternately for the precise needs of your dog's nails.


Runs on 4 AA batteries - easy to find and replace.  Batteries not included.


Dog nail grinder set includes:

   •  Cordless gentle nail trimmer

   •  Grinding drum

   •  1 coarse grinding stone

   •  2 coarse grinding bands

   •  1 fine grinding band

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