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Dog Poop Compost System

Dog Poop Compost System

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Can dog poop do anything besides create work and stink up the yard? The answer is yes, with the Dog Poop Compost System.


Here's how it works: simply put the galvanized steel container into the ground. Use your foot to open the lid and deposit the dog poop. Add a spoon of the included dog poop digester mix to provide enzymes and bacteria, and your job is done. 


The enzymes and bacteria break down the poop, turning it into a lawn-friendly fertilizer that a built-in valve releases into the ground. No more plastic bags or stinky trash cans - the composter takes care of it for you. 


This extra large system works for up to 2 large dogs or 4 smaller dogs. Galvanized steel is heavy duty for long-lasting use. Once installed, only the lid shows, minimizing the space needed for waste disposal. 


If you'd like an easy-to-use way to get rid of waste, the Dog Poop Compost System is for you. Keep in mind, your dog waste system comes with an initial 3 month supply of the digester enzymes.  You may order an additional year's worth of digester at a reduced cost.

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