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Dog Raincoats For Large Dogs

Dog Raincoats For Large Dogs

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Do you live in a rainy area or enjoy water excursions? Large Dog Raincoats keep your big dog from getting the wet dog smell we all know and love to avoid.


Made of HoundTex®, a high-quality material made for protecting dogs from the elements, this coat protects against water and wind. At the same time, it is breathable to keep your dog comfortable in various types of weather. It is durable for heavy-duty use, such as trips to the river. Unlike many other slickers, which only cover your dog from the top, this dog raincoat covers your dog's back, stomach, and chest for better protection.


The thoughtful design makes this coat useful for your dog and easy for you. The waist and neck adjust easily to provide a perfect custom fit. The easy-on buckle attaches on top of your dog's back, making it easier to put on and take off than coats that buckle under the belly. The jacket also features reflectors made by 3M, the best quality reflectors available in dog products, so your dog is more visible in low light.


Available in 9 sizes:


Size Back Length Neck Circumference Chest Girth
Medium 16 inches 19 - 21 inches 25 - 28 inches
Large 18 inches 20 - 22 inches 25 - 28 inches
X-Large 20 inches 22 - 24 inches 28 - 30 inches
2X-Large 22 inches 23 - 27 inches 33 - 37 inches
3X-Large 24 inches 23 - 27 inches 35 - 39 inches
4X-Large 26 inches 23 - 27 inches 36 - 40 inches
5X-Large 28 inches 25 - 29 inches 39 - 43 inches
6X-Large 30 inches 25 - 29 inches 39 - 43 inches
7X-Large 33 inches 26 - 30 inches 40 - 44 inches


Measurement guide:

  Back Length: From the base of your dog's neck to the base of his tail.

  Neck Circumference: The distance around your dog's neck where the collar sits.

  Chest Girth: The distance all the way around your dog's torso just behind the front legs.


Say good-bye to wet dog smell after a great day outdoors. Order your pup a large dog raincoat today.

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