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Big Dog Support Harness

Big Dog Support Harness

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Tired of struggling to lift your big dog? The big dog support harness makes it easy to give your dog extra support for his hips and legs.

The support harness goes under your dog’s belly so you can lift weight that would otherwise stress his legs and hips. That's it - no complicated straps for your dog to step through so it's easier on dogs with joint issues. It’s also easier on you so you can lift your dog without bending over so much. Great for lifting dogs as they climb stairs, get into the bathtub, climb into cars, and more.  
Some big benefits of this harness:
   •  Durable for long-term use
   •  Padded band makes it snug and soft for your dog as you lift
   •  Double-stitched handles with wide grip make it easy for you to hold harness securely
   •  Velcro straps adjust for custom fit
Provide your dog the extra support he deserves.  Order a big dog support harness now.  

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