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Dog Tooth Care Set

Dog Tooth Care Set

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Get everything you need to take care of your dog's teeth with this complete Dog Tooth Care Set.


Just like people, dogs need regular tooth brushing to keep their teeth and gums healthy. Why does it matter? Dental disease is more than just bad breath: left untreated, it leads to chronic heart, kidney, and liver disease. More than 80% of dogs age 3 and above have dental disease, so it's both risky and common.


Luckily, dental disease is easily preventable with regular tooth brushing.


This set provides everything you need to fight doggie dental disease. It includes:


   •  Poultry-flavored toothpaste
       - Appealing taste is perfect for introducing your dog to toothpaste and brushing
   •  Double-headed dog toothbrush
       - Brushes on each side of the end allows you to brush your dog's teeth more quickly
   •  Varying sizes to fit the size of your dog's mouth
       - Choose from Small (33 lbs. and under), Medium (15 lbs. to 33 lbs. with larger jaws), and Large (over 35 lbs.)
Together, these tools help you keep your dog's mouth healthy and cut back on stinky dog breath.  With regular brushings, your dog will be healthier.
Give your dog the gift of a healthy mouth. Order your Dog Tooth Care Set today.

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