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Dog Treadmills

Dog Treadmills

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Dog treadmills are the easiest way to get your dog exercise in any situation.


Dogs of all ages and sizes need exercise. These dog treadmills make it easy for your dog to get exercise suited to their needs. The adjustable angle lets you simulate 4 levels of incline to make it easier or more challenging. Speed also varies from 0.5 to 7.5 miles per hour so your dog gets the perfect speed to get his heart rate up.


Benefits of this equipment:

   •  Consistent Exercise: Don't let weather, allergies, nighttime safety, or other outdoor distractions interfere with exercise.

   •  Better Health: Exercise keeps your dog at optimal weight and strength to improve overall health.

   •  Lower Vet Bills:  Better health means higher immunity and fewer illnesses that lead to high vet bills.

   •  Convenient: The space-saving design folds and stores upright. It lets your dog exercise even if you're tired or sick.




Folded Size Open Size Running Area Ideal Dog Size
42" L x 22" W x 8.5" H 77" L x 27" W x 46"H 71" x 16.5" 1 lb. - 179 lbs.


These Dog Treadmills are perfect for keeping your dog fit no matter what the scenario. Best of all, they ship for only $4.99. Order yours today.

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