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Dog Urine Grass Repair

Dog Urine Grass Repair

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Are you tired of brown spots keeping your lawn from looking lush and green? Repair those spots and prevent future spots with Dog Urine Grass Repair.


Dog urine burns grass, turning it brown wherever your dog has relieved himself. This solution repairs those spots by giving it a natural green tone that does not wash away, making your lawn look healthy again.


To prevent future spots, the solution also contains natural enzymes. These enzymes break down dog urine more quickly than it would on its own, getting rid of it before it burns your grass. It also helps your grass grow back faster for a healthier, thicker lawn.


The 32-ounce spray bottle makes it easy to apply the solution. Simply spray it where your dog has urinated and the solution will prevent that area from turning brown.


If you're tired of your lawn looking patchy, order Dog Urine Grass Repair solution today.

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