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Dog Dematting Tool

Dog Dematting Tool

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Remove your dog's mats without hurting yourself.


Have you ever had to spend so much time getting mats out of your dog's coat that you end up tired and sore?  These dog de-matting tools from Paw Brothers make grooming easier and less painful (for both you and the dog).  They were designed by professional groomers to reduce the potential of repetitive motion injury.  For your further safety, the curved ends of the blades are curved for your protection.


The comfort grip keeps your hand in a natural position, minimizing fatigue and soreness.  Its rubberized handle makes it easier for you to maintain control, leading to safer, easier mat removal.


Blades are razor-sharp stainless steel for long-lasting use.  They remove mats and tangles without reducing the length of your dog's coat. 

The dematting tools from Paw Brothers come in regular and extra wide.  For best results, start with a course or medium tool, then use the fine tools to strip and finish the coat.  Achieve a flawless smooth coat with less time and effort.

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