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Extra Tall Dog Gate

Extra Tall Dog Gate

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Have you ever left your dog securely behind a baby gate - only to come home and find he'd gotten past it? This extra tall dog gate was made for you.


Other gates range from 24 to 32 inches tall. This gate stands a proud 41 inches - 9 inches taller than the next tallest gate you'll find. That difference keeps your dog where he's supposed to be - no more jumping over the gate with that much height to clear. If your dog chewed through the last wooden dog gate you had, like ours did, you'll find this chew-proof metal gate better for you. This isn't a baby gate; this is a sturdy large dog containment device.


The gate is as easy to use as it is secure. The pressure-mount system is simple to install. When you need to walk past the gate, the one-touch handle makes it quick for you to open the gate. Want to contain the dog but not the cat? The gate has a cleverly-designed 10x7 inch door at the bottom that can be opened to let Fluffy go where Fido can't. 


This gate almost as wide as it is tall - it adjusts from 29 to 40 inches to fit narrow doorways and wide archways alike. Need something even wider? Add 6 inch or 24 inch extensions to customize the gate's width to suit your needs. 


Get the reliability of an extra tall dog gate for your home. Order yours today.

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