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Furminator For Dogs

Furminator For Dogs

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If your dog is a problem shedder, the Furminator For Dogs will become your best friend.


Most dog brushes get only the topcoat, leaving behind the undercoat. That's the part that comes out seasonally and leaves thick, soft furballs all over your house.


The Furminator reaches through the topcoat to gently remove loose hair from the undercoat, allowing you to remove excess hair once it's been shed by your dog's body but before it works its way through the topcoat and onto your clothes. Happy dog owners collect bags full of hair each time they use the Furminator -- hair that would have ended up all over your clothes and house if not for the Furminator.


You can't keep your dog from shedding, but you can control where the hair ends up. Ready to finally win the fight against dog hair?


Choose from 5 sizes. Each size is available for dogs with Short Hair (less than 2") and Long Hair (more than 2").


Size Width For Dogs Weighing
Toy 1.25" Up to 10 lbs.
Small 1.75" Up to 20 lbs.
Medium 2.65" 21 - 50 lbs.
Large 4" 51 - 90 lbs.
Giant 5" Over 90 lbs.


Get a head start on shedding. Order your Furminator For Dogs today.

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