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Labradors are known for shedding everywhere. Rub against your couch - hair. Lay on the carpet - hair. Wag their tail - hair! With the Furminator-Labrador, you can finally get the hair off your dog before it ends up everywhere else. 


The Furminator gets to the undercoat of your dog, which is the part most combs and brushes don't reach. That means the loose hair from the undercoat gets left behind every time you use a regular brush on your dog, leaving it to work its way out naturally and end up on every piece of clothing you own.


This model of the Furminator is especially designed for dogs like Labradors. It caters to their hair length and is 4 inches wide, making it easy to work your way across your large dog's coat. The Fur-ejector button makes it easy to remove hair as it collects on the brush. Who knew it could be so easy to reduce shedding?


Used just once a week, the Furminator-Labrador will significantly reduce the amount of shedding you see from your dog. Get yours today. 

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