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Greyhound Muzzle

Greyhound Muzzle

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Tired of your dog snapping, but don't want to leave his mouth tied up with a traditional muzzle? This Greyhound muzzle allows your dog freedom while still preventing his teeth from causing trouble.


This harness was especially designed for comfort and safety. Its basket shape prevents your dog from getting his teeth on things he's not supposed to, but still allows him the freedom to open his mouth, pant, and drink. Neoprene padding on the muzzle keeps it comfortable to wear for your dog. The muzzle itself is made of a very durable material that is also soft and flexible for more comfort than any other dog muzzle.


The 3-strap system keeps the muzzle attached securely and comfortably. The main comfort strap wraps around the back of your dog's head to hold it on. A loop connects the base of the muzzle to your dog's collar so it stays in place. A third optional strap connects from the top of the muzzle to the strap behind his head, so even the cleverest dogs can't get it off. 


Keep your dog from snapping without leaving him thirsty or uncomfortable. Order a Greyhound muzzle today.

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