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Heated Dog Water Bowl

Heated Dog Water Bowl

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Are you worried about your dog's water bowl freezing over?  Make sure his bowl always has water, no matter how cold the weather gets, with a Heated Water Bowl.


With this bowl, your dog will never go thirsty because his water bowl froze over. Simply plug it in and you're set. It warms up your dog's water to a comfortable temperature and keeps it from freezing. The 5 1/2-foot electrical cord is wrapped in steel to protect it from abrasion, and the bowl only uses 25 watts of electricity to keep your electricity bill low.


Available in 2 sizes:


Size Capacity Color
Medium 96 oz./0.75 gallon Blue
Large 192 oz./1.5 gallons Gray


Make sure your dog has water all winter long. Order your Heated Water Bowl today.

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