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Inflatable Dog Collar

Inflatable Dog Collar

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Now, a dog recovering from an injury has one less reason to feel bad. This Inflatable Dog Collar provides all the benefits of the traditional plastic cone, but without all the annoyance.


If your dog has an injury or is recovering from surgery, you've probably noticed he wants to lick or chew the spot. This only delays healing, so it's important to keep him from doing so. This inflatable collar limits his head movement so he cannot reach the injured area.


Unlike traditional plastic cones or e-collars, this prevents him from irritating the injury without restricting his vision. Its compact design also means your dog won't be banging a big plastic thing against your furniture and legs or knocking things off tables as he swings his head trying to see the world around him.


Washable, bite resistant, and scratch resistant, your dog will get used to this collar and get back to normal more quickly. He'll be less focused on his collar and injury for quicker healing.


Available in 5 sizes:


Size Neck Circumference Fits Breeds Like*
X-Small Up to 6" Toy breeds
Small 6 - 10" Jack Russell Terrier, Sheltie
Medium 10 - 13" Border Collie, Spaniel
Large 13 - 18" Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever
X-Large 18" and up Rottweiler, Mastiff


*Dogs vary in size, even within a breed. To be sure of the right fit, measure around your dog's neck where the collar sits.


Help your dog be comfortable through his recovery. Order your Inflatable Dog Collar today.

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