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Interactive Tornado Game

Interactive Tornado Game

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Have a smart dog who needs a mental challenge? He'll love the Interactive Tornado Game.


Made by Nina Ottosson, the top name in interactive dog toys, this game offers several levels of challenge for smart dogs. It has 3 layers of hidden compartments where you can put treats or food for your dog to sniff out. As he learns to swivel the layers, he'll discover the compartments and is rewarded with a treat each time. Put treats in all the compartments to start, then reduce it to just a few as your dog gets better at the game. Still too easy for your dog? Add in the white bone covers, which make it more difficult for your dog to swivel the layers and gives him an extra task to complete before he earns his treat.


Fun, challenging, and a perfect way to give your smart dog's brain a workout.


Interactive games are also a good way to bond with your dog in a different way. You provide him a fun way to learn and explore, he enjoys the activity; as he figures it out, you praise him in addition to the treats he earns. 


Add a new element to playtime with an Interactive Tornado Game. Order yours today.

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