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Italian Leather Dog Collars

Italian Leather Dog Collars

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Made from the same leather used by Italian luxury-brand shoe designers, these collars are a work of art. The one-of-a-kind style of curing the leather was developed specially to bring out the natural texture of bison leather. The contrast between the natural and chocolate tones highlight this texture. The inner layer is cut from soft-tanned American Elk for a comfortable fit.


Select from 9 available sizes:


Collar Length Collar Width
9" 5/8"
11" 5/8"
13" 3/4"
15" 3/4"
17" 3/4"
19" 3/4"
21" 1"
23" 1"
25" 1"


If yours is a high-class canine, get him a high-class collar. Get your Italian leather dog collar today.

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