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Jelly Bean Chew Toy

Jelly Bean Chew Toy

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The Jelly Bean Chew Toy smells like bacon, because it is made with bacon. This is our dog's favorite toy discovery of 2014.


Did we mention bacon?


This durable dog toy is made with the rubber from Hevea Brasiliensis rubber trees, a natural alternative to the petroleum-based rubber other toys use.


   •  Jelly bean shape gives it an unpredictable bounce
   •  Infused with bacon scent to excite your dog
   •  Can be frozen to soothe tender teething puppy gums
   •  Opening at one end allows for stuffing with peanut butter or cheese
   •  Will stand up to all but the toughest chewers.


Have multiple dogs in your family? Order the Party Pack of 3 toys and get a 15% price break. Also great as gifts.


If your dog deserves a treat, order a bacon-scented Jelly Bean Chew Toy today. 

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