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Large Dog Car Harness

Large Dog Car Harness

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This large dog car harness makes it easy for your dog to buckle up. 


The harness prevents your dog from being hurled out of the vehicle in case of an accident.  It also keeps him from being thrown against the front seats, which is dangerous for both your big dog and any humans riding in front.


The harness goes on easily so it's convenient to use for both you and your dog.  It is made of high-quality materials, such as the durable webbing used to make seat belts, to provide maximum safety for your dog.  It is also very comfortable for your dog, with wide padding across the chest to better distribute the force of an accident to give your dog improved safety and comfort. 


The large dog car harness offers you many benefits:

   • Comes with a seat belt loop you can hook a seat belt through, making it truly universal for any vehicle

   •  Keeps everyone in your car safe

   •  Easy to use

   • Safe and easy to use with the Auto Zip Line


Available in 2 colors - choose from Black or Red.

Sizing:  Use this chart to determine the right size harness for your dog's weight and size.


Size Weight Neck measurement* Chest measurement**
Large 50-80 lbs. 18-30 inches 24-34 inches
X-Large   80 lbs. and up   24-35 inches 28-44 inches


* To find your dog's neck measurement, measure around the base of his neck where the collar sits.

** To find your dog's chest measurement, measure all the way around his body just behind the front legs.


Give your dog the safety your seat belt gives you. Order your large dog car harness today.

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