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Large Dog Life Jacket

Large Dog Life Jacket

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Say you take your dog boating with you.  Fido falls overboard.  Wouldn't it be great if he had an easy-to-hold handle on his back to pull him back on board? 


Enter the large dog life jacket.


Even if your dog is a great swimmer, there are multiple reasons to use a large dog life jacket.  The bright color keeps him visible in the water, protecting him from getting hit by boaters and other water-lovers who should know if your big dog is in their path.  The flotation ability will keep your dog afloat even if he gets too tired to paddle.  The handle on top of his jacket makes it easier for you to get him back in the boat when you're ready to head back to shore.  The warmth protects him when the water is cool.


With all this protection, the life jacket is very comfortable and allows your dog full range of movement, so it won't hamper his swimming ability at all.  It has adjustable straps so you can easily adjust the jacket to exactly your dog's size.  The large dog life jacket is built to last and in accordance with high safety specifications.



   •  Bright neon color keeps your dog visible to everyone on the water, even from a distance

   •  Flotation and buoyancy for your large dog, even when he's tired

   •  Water-repellant, durable materials for long-lasting use

   •  High-quality fabric is tough for long use but soft for your dog's comfort

   •  Strong, gentle neoprene belly band provides comfortable warmth acorss the sensitive stomach area

   •  Velcro straps and quick-release buckles provide perfect fit for your dog

   •  Handle across your dog's back so you can grab it easily by hand or boat hook


Great for taking your dog along fishing, boating, sailing, and on any other water adventures you can dream up.

To determine the perfect fit for your dog, measure around the broadest part of your dog's chest and add 2 inches.  We recommend going up a size if your dog is stout to ensure proper fit.

Size Girth measurement Weight
Large 26-35 inches 40-70 pounds
Extra Large 31-42 inches 70+ pounds


To find your dog's girth measurement, simply use a soft measuring tape and measure all the way around your dog's body just behind the front legs.


Ensure your large dog's safety - buy a large dog life jacket today.

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