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No Stuffing Dog Toys

No Stuffing Dog Toys

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When your dog loves soft toys but you hate the mess of stuffing, one of you is left unhappy. These No Stuffing Dog Toys satisfy both you and your dog.

Most soft toys are made of a fabric cover filled with synthetic material stuffing. These Smiling Doggie No-Stuffing Super Strong Toys are hand-made in the USA with layer upon layer of fleece. This gives it a thick, soft feel without stuffing.


How is this better? If your dog rips a hole in the outer layer of fleece (a task more difficult than ripping a regular plush toy), there's another layer of fleece below that. Under those two layers is a continuous piece of fabric for added thickness and durability. Your dog will have plenty to chew on without the temptation of ripping stuffing out and leaving your living room a white, fluffy mess.


We gave this toy to the Posse's most difficult chewer, Kira. How did it do? According to her dad, "It definitely is stronger... the multiple layers made her pull them apart one at a time."

Choose from 3 sizes:


Size Measurements (Total Length x Width x Height) Best Suited For Dogs...
Small 7" x 2" x 1" Up to 35 lbs.
Medium 11" x 3" x 1.5" 35 - 80 lbs.
Large 15" x 4" x 2.5" 80 lbs. and up

Available with or without squeakers in every size.

Finally, a no stuffing dog toy that will satisfy you and your dog. Order one today.

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