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Nylon Dog Training Collar

Nylon Dog Training Collar

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Are you and your dog in training?  The nylon dog training collar gives gentle correction during training sessions.

Control behavior with a quick tug on the leash. This collar will constrict slightly then release, getting your dog's attention without pain or too much pressure on his throat.  
Benefits of a nylon dog training collar:
   •  Gentle correction to improve training
   •  Prevents your dog from slipping out of the collar
   •  Nylon loop limits how tight the collar gets
   •  Easy on your dog's hair to prevent matting
These collars are also good for daily use on dogs with narrow heads, like Greyhounds and Whippets, who can easily slip out of regular collars.  
Choose from 3 sizes:
Size Adjustable Length Width 
Small 10 - 14 inches 5/8 inch
Medium    14 - 20 inches 3/4 inch
Large 18 - 26 inches 1 inch


Get a collar that will help your training progress.  Order a nylon dog training collar today.

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