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Pads For Dogs In Heat

Pads For Dogs In Heat

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When your dog is in heat, you face weeks of possible mess on your floors and carpet. Keep things tidy with easy-to-use Pads For Dogs In Heat.


These easy-to-use pads are made of a flannel cover to be comfortable on your dog throughout her heat cycle. A built-in mesh liner absorbs a light flow of fluids. When soiled, simply toss it in the washing machine and re-use. Easy and convenient.


Each pack includes one reusable pad. Select from 6 sizes:


Size For Dogs Weighing
XX-Small Up to 4 lbs.
X-Small 4 - 8 lbs.
Small 8 - 15 lbs.
Medium 15 - 35 lbs.
Large 35 - 55 lbs.
X-Large 55 - 90 lbs.


For heavy flow or overnight use, we recommend using these pads with Extra Strength Inserts for added protection.


If you'd like an easy, cost-effective way to keep things clean during your dog's cycle, use Pads For Dogs In Heat. Order yours today.

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