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Pet Washer

Pet Washer

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Does your dog make bathtime so difficult, you need more than 2 hands to do it? The Pet Washer makes bathtime easy to do with 2 hands and dramatically reduces the time spent washing your dog.


This tool helps you rinse your dog more quickly and effectively to cut down the time it takes to wash your dog. Four jets of water work through the fur to your dog's skin, rinsing out dirt more quickly than other methods of bathing. The internal reservoir holds shampoo so you can shampoo your dog with the same tool - use the same sprayer to thoroughly shampoo your dog quickly. The sprays are comfortable to your dog, feeling like he's getting a back scratch, which makes your dog enjoy the spray.


Hold your dog's collar with one hand, hold the tool with the other, and you're set.


The washer is easy to set up and use. It attaches to any garden hose to make it work better for bathtime. It comes with a tub and sink adapter so you can easily use it indoors as well. 


If you struggle with bathtime, or just want to get it done quicker, you need the Pet Washer. Order yours today.

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