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Pitbull Harness For Pulling Breeds

Pitbull Harness For Pulling Breeds

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Want more control over your pitbull than a simple collar allows? A Pitbull Harness For Pulling Breeds is comfortable for your dog while giving you more control.


This harness goes between your dog's front legs and around his chest, belly, and back. This means that you have control over more of your dog's body than a collar allows. Pressure from pulling is distributed across your dog's chest, rather than his throat, preventing the possibility of a trachea injury.


The step-in design makes it easy to slip the harness on and snap in place. It adjusts in 3 places to provide the perfect custom fit for your dog. Your leash snaps into 2 metal D-rings for added security and durability. 


Available in 3 sizes:


Size Girth* Strap Width
Small 16 - 24 inches 5/8 inch
Medium 20 - 30 inches 3/4 inch
Large 26 - 38 inches 1 inch


*Finding your dog's girth is easy. Simply measure all the way around his torso just behind his front legs.


Walk with the comfort of knowing your dog is safely secured. Order a Pitbull Harness For Pulling Breeds today. 

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