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Plush Puppies Dog Toys

Plush Puppies Dog Toys

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Plush Puppies Dog Toys are like bubble wrap for dogs.


The Plush Puppies Dog Toys will keep your dog entertained for hours on end.  These mat-style toys have a plush outer covering filled with squeakers - 16 of them.  These sounds remind dogs of the kind of food they find in the wild - it gets them excited.  The head includes a rattle that will get your dog's attention just by shaking it. 


Just about anywhere your dog grabs this toy, it will squeak.  There's a lot to grab - it's as long as my arm and twice as wide.


End your dog's boredom by bringing out his playful side.  Give him a toy that will squeak, squish and rattle.  Use it for fetch or tug-of-war.


Choose from Andy Alligator and Willie the Weiner Dog, or get the combo pack at a discount if you have more than one dog.


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