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Pup Light

Pup Light

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Ever worry your dog won't be seen in the dark? Make him visible at night with a Pup Light collar.


Other collars rely on reflection for your dog to be visible. This collar stands out with 3 bright LEDs. It lights the way 200 feet ahead and 70 feet out to the side, while the rim keeps it from shining in your dog's eyes.


The light weighs just 2.5 ounces so it's light on the collar. It uses AAA batteries which are easy to find and replace. It attaches to an adjustable elastic band (included) that sits below the collar. The light stays in place on the band even if a tug on the leash moves the collar. 


Scenarios where the Pup Light is useful:

   •  Walks after dark or before sunrise - alert motorists and other walkers to your presence

   •  On camping trips - keep an eye on your dog as he investigates the area

   •  When you let your dog out after dark - spot him easily

   •  In areas where you want to avoid wildlife - the light scares them away

   •  In areas where footing is unsure - see where you're going to avoid injury


Keep yourself and your dog safe with a Pup Light collar. Order yours today.

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