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Skijoring Harness

Skijoring Harness

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Join a growing sport and get the most out of your dog's energy by strapping on a Skijoring Harness. 


Skijoring, originally a sport focused on dogs and cross-country skiing, has expanded to include cani-cross, sled pulling, biking, rollerblading, and skating. A harness and a big dog makes all of these sports more exciting. 


This patented harness was specially designed by Ultra Paws to be comfortable for your dog and most effective in your dog pulling.  (US Patent 8,561,577B1)  It distributes the weight across wide 2 inch straps so he can most easily pull whatever is behind him, whether you're on skis providing power or on inline skates coasting smoothly.


The harness is easy to use and adjust to get the right fit for your dog. Straps adjust at the belly, neck, chest, girth and back for perfect custom fit so the harness doesn't swing or sway like an ill-fitting harness would. 


Choose between the following 2 sizes:


Size Collar Size Weight
Large 12 - 24 inches 30 - 75 pounds
X-Large 20 - 34 inches 75 - 120 pounds


To find your dog's collar size, measure around his neck right where the collar sits. If he falls into both sizes, use the weight to determine which would be a better fit.


This Skijoring Harness is a must-have for anyone involved in this exciting sport. Order yours today.


(Looking for a full set of equipment? Check out our Skijoring Equipment package.)

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